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Saraye Jahangard is a traditional guesthouse, located in Mehriz, Yazd, and is one of the oldest and largest houses in the area. The house has 2 gardens, 2 halls and 17 en-suite rooms which can accommodate 100 guests. The traditional architecture of the house has been preserved through years and the structure of the house is according to the historical Yazdi adobe house consisting the unique components of wind-catcher, vestibule, Andaruni, Biruni and special rooms for winter and summer. The property provides local and traditional meals to guests as per their request. There are common areas for guests to play group games and sit together and enjoy the view to the garden. All rooms are en-suite and have bathroom inside. One the rooms is VIP and has a Jacuzzi tub. The beds are comfortable with clean and mattresses and sheets. There are refrigerator and TV in some of the rooms.

Mehriz is one of the historical poles of Yazd province which is mostly known for its castles and fortresses. Sar Yazd Castle (or Mehriz Castle), built at the time of Sasanid Dynasty, is a magnificent fortress was used to store grains and food, but also to safeguard valuables like gold and jewels when the city was under assault. Khormiz Castle is also 1600 years old castle built in Sasanid Dynasty. Mehr Padin Castle, built in Safavid era is another popular castle located in this area. Pahlevan Poor Garden, a UNESCO World Heritage is adjacent to Jahangard Traditional House is another attraction of the city. Arnan Mountain, holding 12000 year old petroglyph that belongs to the third geological period is about 30 minute drive from Jahangard Traditional House. There are also two famous waterfalls in about 10 km distance from the house, Damgahan waterfall and Qarbal Biz waterfall and water spring

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